Help us transform dock-to-table local sustainable seafood

This business was formed as a project of a venture capital firm to provide seed money to the expanding local Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay aquaculture and fisheries industries. The industry is now entering a stage of significant and sustainable growth. The company has working relationships with local businesses in the middle Atlantic states as well as governmental and nonprofit organizations that work together toward solving the challenges that will allow this local seafood economy to expand.

Nantuxent Corporation was formed in 2016 in the state of Delaware by Tony Novak, a small business owner and community activist involved in stabilization and restoration of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Novak is a New Jersey licensed aquatic famer who has been certified by USDA in HACCP seafood safety, and a Delaware licensed Certified Public Accountant.

Moneyislandseafood.com is not a buyer, seller, of harvester of seafood but provides online marketing support for participating independent members of members of a seafood industry cooperative.

Inquiries about investment and collaboration are welcome.