Money Island in Philadephia Inquirer

On Sunday June 23, 2017 the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a story that covered Money Island New Jersey. Nantuxent Corporation’s founder Tony Novak is interviewed along with other business owners and Downe Township mayor Bob Campbell. The article drew some harsh criticism from the scientific community in response to the mayor’s comment that sea level rise damage is “hogwash”.

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Money Island NJ aquaculture redevelopment

The Money Island NJ stabilization and redevelopment plan evolves a little each day. The work will likely take place in three stages:

Stage 1 is stabilization. The goal is to get the land cleared of prior debts and provide basic cash to ‘keep the lights on’ and be ready to move forward. The total needed is $20,000. This will be funded by insiders in conjunction with a crowdfunding project. The purpose of using crowdfunding Is to raise awareness and build a customer base in advance of new product offering.

Stage 2 is aquaculture development. The goal is to revitalize the local economy cash flow to ensure sustainability. The cost is approximately $120,000 to repurpose the submerged land. This will be funded through Nantuxent Corporation that will use both traditional and equity crowdfunding methods. Aquaculture and dock-to-table seafood processing businesses are ready to expand as soon as permits are issued.

Stage 3 is multi-use redevelopment with new eco-tourism based housing, transient docking

, retail and restaurant. This will cost millions and require an outside investor working in conjunction with the developer. We hope to reach an agreement on an educational/research building here as an anchor facility.


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Money Island Redevelopment Plan Announced


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, on the five-year anniversary of superstorm Sandy, Baysave Corporation announces the release of the first public draft of the redevelopment plan for Money Island, New jersey. We wish to thank all those in government and private industry who played a role in bringing us to this point.

Money Island Redevelopment Plan – draft version 10/29/2017

Our plans continue to evolve. Updates will be made periodically. Meanwhile

, please direct any questions to Tony Novak.

Effect of sea level rise

This video features Downe Township mayor Bob Campbell, local business owner Paul Waterman, and other local residents talking about the state buyouts of property at Money Island, New Jersey. The buyout of residences along both sides of the Delaware Bay is an essential prerequisite and enabling factor for the expansion of education

, aquaculture and marine fisheries activity in the future. Naturally this causes tensions within the community. Money Island’s past existence with quiet waterside residences in a recreational fishing community has given way to a more active future in eco-tourism and education, aquaculture and commercial seafood harvesting. Nantuxent Corporation founder Tony Novak points out that this inevitable tension directly led to the community’s fast transformation in recent years and the sustainable eco-friendly redevelopment opportunity that exists today.

In fact

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, while seas and climate-related water changes are bad for residential communities and recreational fishing, these changes are generally helpful to the aquaculture and commercial seafood harvesting industry.

Nantuxent Corporation works in partnership with a number of commercial, educational, government and nonprofit entities to help balance the interests of all stakeholders. Striking this balance will help speed up the redevelopment of Money Island as an aquaculture and educational hub if the middle bay region.