New Jersey’s most productive seafood landing ports

Many people in this Mid-Atlantic region recognize that Cape May, New Jersey is a major seafood landing port with well over $100 million in annual landings. In fact Cape May is among the top five seafood landing ports in the U.S.

Yet few people know that tiny rural port of Money Island, New Jersey is the state’s second most productive seafood port. Almost all of the commercial oyster harvest and a substantial harvest of crabs and other seafood are harvested nearby and brought in through docks at Cumberland County’s commercial waterfront at Money Island. Estimates of the economic value start at $20+ million per year. The Delaware Bay is at the beginning of a dynamic growth stage for commercial aquaculture, just as we saw in the Chesapeake bay over the prior decade. Money Island, located 40 miles to the northwest and midway between the C&D Canal (linking to the Chesapeake Bay) and the Atlantic Ocean.

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